Thomas Donald’s Strategy


Thomas Donald’s strategy requires large capital and is not suitable for everyone.

Strategy Description

The initial capital of this strategy must be 666 times the amount of the initial bet. After each loss, one bet must be added to the next one, and after winning – to reduce the bet on the same principle. It will take a long time to use this strategy, so it will not be suitable for players who do not have a large sum or a large reserve of time. Thomas Donald’s strategy involves only betting on red and 37 roulette wheel spins. According to the theory of probability, black and red sectors will fall out the same number of times, and one fall out is on “zero”. For example, a black and red sector will fall out 5 times, and then they will fall out the same number of times, but one less from the previous one, and in the end each sector will fall out one time.


The Happy Seven strategy

Loto Strategy


The strategy “Happy Seven” is very simple, but for beginners, it can be difficult to calculate betting amounts.

Strategy Description

To use the Happy Seven strategy, several conditions must be met:

  1. There is a start-up capital of $120 or more on the day of play with a minimum bet of $5;
  2. To use a strategy successfully, you must play for at least 3 days;
  3. Bets must be placed on chances, grade, and color.
  4. Bets are increased systematically, but not according to the standard scheme. After each win, the next bet is calculated according to a formula

Winning rate + 50% of the current rate.

In this case, if the bet cannot be divided into equal parts, it is rounded as follows (for example, a minimum bet of $5):

5/2 = 2.5, rounded to 3, i.e. the next bet will be 5+3=8 dollars.

If the bet is not played, you have to go back to the original bet, the bet is to 5 dollars. It is necessary to achieve seven consecutive winnings, then the total amount of winnings will be $173.

The main advantage of the Happy Seven strategy is minimizing the risk, since the initial bet is no more than $5, and even two consecutive wins will end the game with a win. And the return to the initial bet is not a requirement, but an individual decision of the player.

There is also a more aggressive strategy option with a different betting order. It is not the 50% stake that sums up, but the whole stake.


Using the Happy Seven strategy involves a larger initial bet than other strategies. Its significant disadvantage is its long playing time (minimum 3 days). But it gives a very good chance of earning even during a long session. Of course, if you do not break the established progression. The advantages of the strategy include minimizing the risk and almost 100% probability of return on invested money.