Roulette Terminology

To learn to play roulette, you need to read a lot of literature. All books and articles on this fascinating gambling use specific roulette terminology. Below are explanations of all the terms used.


A Cheval – bet on split (French roulette);

Action – the sum of bets for the period of time;

Action player – a player who makes only large bets during a certain period of time;

American Roulette – one of the varieties of roulette, the wheel of which consists of 38 sectors (0, 00 and numbers from 1 to 36);

American Wheel is a wheel for playing American roulette.


Backtrack – the name of the outer rim of the roulette wheel;

Ball Track – the name of the inner rim of the roulette wheel;

Bankroll – the budget of the game;

Bankroll Management – strategy or budget management system of the game, with the help of which you can increase or stretch it;

Biased Wheel – A roulette wheel that has a defect that changes the probability that certain numbers will fall out;

Big Number – numbers that fall out more often than others, contrary to the theory of probability;

Black Bet – a bet on sectors marked with black.


Cage is a place to exchange money for chips;

Cancellation Betting System – a betting system that involves the cancellation of numbers after winnings and their addition after losses;

Capping a Bet – one of the types of cheating, adding chips to a winning position;

Carre – a bet on a corner or cross in French Roulette;

Casino Advantage – a percentage advantage of a gambling establishment over a player.

Chameleon Strategy – a strategy that involves repeating the winning bets;

Chasing Losses – Increase in bets to return lost money;

Checks – Chips for the game;

Check Rack – Chip tray (chips);

Chips – special colorful markers for betting and paying winnings;

Cold Table – a table with permanent losses;

Column – Roulette table is divided into 3 columns of 12 numbers each;

Column Bet – one column (column);

Combination Bet – multiple bets, for which one or more chips (chips) are used;

Corner Bet – a bet on a corner, cross – a bet on four numbers, with chips placed at their intersection;

Croupier – a casino employee working at a roulette table.


d’Alembert Betting System (Delambera Betting System) – one of the betting systems that provides for an increase in the bet after a loss and a decrease in the bet after a win (decrease and decrease in the bet per unit);

Dead Table – a table that is ready to play and has no players at it;

Dealer – a casino employee who manages the games;

Derniere – translated from French as “Last” and refers to the last column of 12 numbers;

Double-Up Betting System – doubling of bets after each loss;

Double Zero Wheel – roulette wheel with numbers 0 and 00;

Douzaine – betting on a dozen (French roulette);

Dozen Bet – wager on a dozen consecutive 12 numbers;

Double Dynamite Roulette System – a strategy for betting on frequent numbers and adjacent sectors;

Drop – the total sum of chips and money;

DropBox – A box of money used after exchanging players’ money for chips.


European Wheel – wheel for European roulette with one “zero” and numbers from 1 to 36;

Edge (Advantage) – the advantage of a gambling establishment;

En Plein – a bet on a specific sector when playing French roulette;

En Prison – European roulette rule, according to which all external bets can move to the next round of roulette with one “zero”;

European Roulette – European variant of roulette with one “zero” and numbers from 1 to 36;

Even Bet – all bets on even numbers;

Even Money (equal odds or money bet) – a bet with payout 1:1 in case of winning;


Fibonacci Betting System – a system of bets with a progressive increase of each bet (the bet is determined by the combination of the last two numbers);

Five Number Bet – a 0, 00, 1-3 American Roulette bet;

Flat Bet – the sum of bets, not depending on the result of the last rotation of the wheel;

Flat Bettor – a player who prefers to bet the same amount without changes;

Fluctuation in Probability – the repeated repetition of numbers despite the probability of their falling out;

French Roulette – a variant of roulette with one “zero” and numbers from 1 to 36;

French Wheel – wheels for French roulette.