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Wie man das Spiel genießt und gute Chancen auf einen großen Gewinn hat

If you’ve already tried to find the best roulette strategy on the Internet, you’ve probably encountered sites that tell you about magic strategies that guarantee winnings at online casinos. But these strategies don’t really work, and if you use them in the long run, you’re likely to lose the whole bankroll.

I call these strategies fraudulent, and I’ve devoted an entire article to them, which I called them fraudulent roulette strategies. Read it to find out which strategies I have in mind and why they don’t work. All of the statements in the article are supported by the results of modeling the game.

The same article covers other strategies. I am not claiming that you will use them to turn roulette into a money-making machine. Unfortunately, this is not possible, because at the casino roulette is always a statistical advantage over the players. Statistically, you lose money with every bet you make, so with the exception of some of the cases described in the articleHow to beat roulette, you cannot systematically win at roulette.

However, this does not mean that you cannot play roulette effectively, having a real chance to win, while enjoying the game. Read this article and find out which strategies I think are the best.

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Why is volatility important when playing roulette?


Before we move on to strategies, I would like to talk about one important aspect. If you have already read other articles on this site, you know that I always draw readers’ attention to the importance of volatility (also called variance). Roulette is a pretty simple game that clearly shows why volatility is important.

First I will tell you what volatility (dispersion) is. This term is used to describe the frequency of possible winnings in gambling and the size of individual winnings.

Details on volatility can be found in my article RTP Indicator and Dispersion, but in general the following knowledge will suffice:
  • High volatility means that you will not win very often, but the size of the winnings will be larger.
  • With low volatility, everything happens exactly the opposite. You win more often, but the size of the winnings is usually small.
  • The average volatility, respectively, is something between high and low volatility.

The most volatile bet in roulette is the one number bet (Straight Up). Its payout ratio is 1 to 36, and statistically you’ll win only once for 37 spins (roulette with one zero). In fact, it doesn’t have as much volatility as slots, for example. But if you consider only a roulette game, then such indicators can be considered as characterising “high volatility” or at least the highest possible volatility for a single spin.

If we talk about low volatility, the least volatile “standard” bets are those on equal chances. If you win, your initial bet is doubled and your chances of winning are 18 to 37. These bets are on red/black, odd/even or big/small numbers. Of course, you can reduce the volatility by simply filling in many sectors with chips, but as an example of low volatility we will use equal odds bets.

You may already know that all roulette bets have the same payout percentage to the player (RTP). The percentage of payouts at American roulette is 94.74%, while at European roulette it’s 97.3%. This means that you statistically get the same percentage of money back, regardless of the type of bet placed.

In fact, however, all bets are different. For example, in American roulette there is a top-line bet with RTP only 92.1%, but it’s not about it. You would not want to place chips on this bet anyway. If you are interested in learning more about the different types of bets, read my article on rules, bets, odds of winning and payouts at roulette.

Conclusions and recommendations

Like I said, there’s no strategy that works for everyone. Each player has his own roulette strategy with his own strengths and weaknesses. I could just advise you to read the individual articles and learn more about strategies, but I decided to summarize all the information and provide my recommendations for those who do not want to go deep into nuances.

I have come to the following conclusions:

  • A fixed bet strategy is suitable for all situations. It is very flexible and very simple, but will not bring you really big winnings. The opportunity to make a profit also threatens high chances for a quick loss of the bankroll.
  • The fixed ratio strategy is more balanced with a self-adjusting betting mechanism, but it is also more complex as you will have to calculate the betting amount for each round. Over time, however, you will get used to it and it will not be difficult to make these calculations.
  • A “va-bank” strategy has the potential to generate very large winnings, but it is very risky and too volatile. Most likely, you will play only one or two spins, which is too little, and such a game is unlikely to be fun.
  • The “reverse martingale” strategy is the best strategy in my personal opinion. It has predictable game time, a decent chance of a really big win and a great expected return. However, it is not suitable for a live game as the base bet is too small (unless you have a huge budget of course), which is a problem due to limited betting in traditional casinos.
  • A progressive betting strategy is also a great option, especially for those who don’t want to bet all the winnings from the last round every time, but want to keep their chances of winning big. You need to find the right options to do this, so make sure you read the whole article to learn more about them.

Whichever strategy you choose, remember that Roulette is a game with a negative average value for players. This means that you will always lose money over a long game. My strategies will not be able to remove the casino’s advantage from the game, but they will help minimize its impact on your bankroll.

If you find any strategies particularly interesting, be sure to read the relevant detailed article to learn all about them before trying them out in action. And if you want to try them out in real casinos, good luck at the table!


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